16 lesser known psychological facts

There are some interesting psychological facts:1.Even The Illusion Of Progress Is Motivating.
2.You Overestimate Your Reactions to Future Events.
3.If you really want something from someone, frame it as an offer rather than a request.
4.Music impacts your perspective.
5.You Are Hard Wired For Imitation and Empathy.
6.When a group of people laugh, people will instinctively look at the person they feel closest to in that group.
7.Certain religious practices lower stress.
8.No Two People Perceive Time In The Same Way.
9.Always be honest so when you have to lie, people will believe you.
10.Being with happy people makes you happier.
11.If you announce your goals, you’re less likely to succeed.
12.Culture Shapes Our Brain.
13.Your Mind Wanders 30% of the Time.
14.Meditation Can Rid You of Stress.
15.Your Favorite Song Tells a Tale about You.
16.You Choose The First One On The List.
That’s all and we hope that you know and understood all most interesting psychological facts.