All About Melanin Pills

As a people we are always striving to be healthy and look good. You may have a paler complexion and want a subtle tan to help you look and feel healthier in your skin.

You may have a few more gray hairs, than you would like. You may at some time have experienced problems with your sleep. Whether it’s your tan, your hair or sleep, ‘melanin’ could hold the answer.

Turning on the tan
Over exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays without protection, has long been associated with causing cancer of the skin. Melanin forms naturally as a pigment that protects the skin. It helps our skin block those harmful rays from causing damage to our DNA and ultimately our skin. With melanin pills you can essentially say goodbye to that annoying spray tan top up, or that ridiculously orange looking fake tan cream and instead you can go out and get that natural tan in less time than it would normally take.
The pill option helps the pigment change to a natural looking but is helped by spending a little time in the sun, but nowhere as long as you normally would before you see the results you’re after. Taking melanin pills does not mean they will prevent you from burning in the sun, so you should always use sun block whenever necessary.
Slow down graying
As with the skin melanin is produced naturally in our bodies for keeping the colour of our hair. So if you see signs of gray, the chances are your body’s natural production of melanin is slowing down. There are anti-gray hair melanin pills available on the market that can help restore your natural hair color and even strengthen it. These pills can help both m both men and women.
Improve your night’s sleep
The melanin-concentrating hormone is present throughout our nervous system which is synthesized by neurons and is responsible for the control of your sleep and your general mood. Sleep melanin pills can therefore help enhance a good night’s rest and help you sleep better.
Cost and shelf life
The prices for tanning melanin pills can vary between top of the range products at $47.99 to the bottom of the range at $9.90 and the typical shelf life can last more than two years. For anti-gray melanin pills it can range anywhere between $4.99 up to $34.95 and pills have a shelf life of more than two years.
The prices for sleep enhancing melanin tablets can vary too, from $20.90 to as much as $54.70. The typical shelf life for all these products can last anywhere upwards of 2 years, depending on manufacturer.

Beauty visual about suntan. Model's face divided in two parts - tanned and blanc.

Health Implications
Although using melanin pills can have huge benefits in all these areas, it can come at a price. According to health researchers, the reactive oxygen as well as nitrogen that is generated by UV radiation serves to energize an electron in melanin. This natural process in the human body often causes DNA lesions that could consequently cause cancer mutations.
The damage itself can occur over three hours upon exposure to U.V.A radiation in sunlight and tanning beds. So if you increase the melanin levels in your body, it’s protecting and can also be attacking you at the same time and you may be leaving yourself open to an increased risk of cancer, so be careful.