Anytime Fitness: Locations, Membership and Prices

If you are keen about health and fitness, there is one thing that is a fact for sure; you want a gym facility that is cheap and convenient without having to compromise on the quality of the workout.Anytime Fitness maybe that place for you. It is a health and fitness club that operates on a 24-hour basis around the calendar year. The company functions as a franchise with 3000 clubs spreading over 20 locations worldwide, making it one of the most convenient gyms on the planet.
In the year 2002, three like-minded gentlemen; Chuck Runyon, Dave Mortensen, and Jeff Klinger came together to pioneer Anytime Fitness with a vision to bring a fitness solution closer to you. With their headquarters in Woodbury, Minnesota the company is headed by Runyon as its CEO. The headquarter site spans over 38 acres.
By the year 2005, Anytime Fitness was opening its 77th Franchise, and this time it was outside the USA in Nova Scotia, Canada. By 2012, they had diversified to Australia, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Qatar, Poland, Grand Cayman and the United Kingdom. November 2015 saw Anytime Fitness launching their 3000th club in Stroud, Gloucestershire. By now, the franchise had amassed over 2,000,000 clients worldwide.
Today, there is an Anytime Fitness gym located in every state in the US. Additionally, they have expanded their reach to Ireland, Spain, India, Chile, and Singapore.
Anytime Fitness Membership and Prices
Anytime Fitness prices are dependent on your membership plan and your locality. However, on average, it costs about $30-36 monthly. The membership fee may vary in other clubs with their single monthly membership fee of $44 and $39 per month for a one-year membership. Enrolling as a couple is an added advantage as they are eligible for a discount. Depending on the location, yearly membership fees may range from $450-500.
Anytime Fitness is keen on motivation as they offer a month of free training to their top male and female athletes. This company was founded with the needs of the average working class in mind. This is why their prices are fairer compared to other top gyms in the nation. If you love traveling, worry not, you can check-in to the nearest gym in your destination and train at no additional cost.
Upon joining the club, each member pays an upfront activation fee of $50. Anytime Fitness is very keen not to leave new members behind when it comes to their training needs. Therefore, every new member gets a free personalized 30-day plan to get started. The program contains two complimentary training sessions, a customized workout plan, and nutritional recommendations. Since all the facilities are open at any hour of the day, members get secure access to the training amenities including unstaffed hours conveniently with the help of a computerized key-fob.
If you get your friends and family to join Anytime Fitness, you qualify for a free month of workout. More referrals earn you up to a whole year of free training with all benefits.
Membership Benefits
Anytime Fitness offers a broad range of benefits; be it the equipment, the lifestyle or the services provided, the quality is top notch. When it comes to the equipment, here is what they offer;
· Treadmills
· Exercise Cycles
· Stair Climbers
· Ellipticals
· Free weights
· Rowing Machines
· Cable crossovers
· Lateral x trainers
· Amt Cross trainers
· Kettlebells
· Synergy 360 systems
The lifestyle at Anytime Fitness is also worth noting. It includes;
· Personal training
· Tanning
· Adaptive motion trainers
· Spinning cycles and Classes
· Zumba classes
· Yoga classes
· Cardio classes
· Body conditioning classes
The services offered include;
· 24-hour security
· 24-hour access
· Private restrooms
· Health plans discounts
· Wellness programs
· Anywhere gym access
· Cardio TVs
· HD TVs
· Convenient parking
Anytime Fitness also ensures that their members are safe and secure at all times. They make use of CCTV cameras for maximum surveillance. Members also have alarm fobs they can wear around their neck after hours and can simply ask for assistance in case of an emergency by pushing a button.
Anytime Fitness is providing physical fitness solutions for many at low prices and conveniently. You may also want to know that they have an app where you can interact with other members, track your food and download workouts. To speak for itself, Anytime Fitness has also won numerous awards, including a Better Business Bureau award. In 2014 it was listed as the fastest-growing health club franchise by Forbes. The company was also ranked first by the Entrepreneur Magazine in its Global Franchise List in 2015.