Easy to Follow Tips On How to Find or Lookup EIN Number?

The internal revenue service(IRS) requires that every business entity has a tax ID number. This number is commonly identified by the acronym EIN, which means Employers Identification Number.If you are planning to open a business, then it’s mandatory that you apply for this number. Additionally, non-profits, state agencies, and local government agencies are required to have an EIN.
As such, EIN has become so widespread that people use it as a reference when searching for information about any business or organization. If you want to find out more information about a particular organization, then there are several free lookup resources that you can use.Though, in some instances, you might be compelled to use a lookup database that will charge you some fee. The article highlights some of the lookup options and how you can search for an EIN number.
How to find or lookup EIN number?
Finding EIN Number for Publicly Traded Firms
You can easily find the EIN number of a publicly traded firm by checking a given company’s investor relations website. Most of these businesses have a SEC filing page; just open any document on that page and you’ll locate the number.
You can use the SEC EDGAR database to search for an EIN. The database is free to use, and its also very crucial for finding EINs’ for companies that do not post their SEC filings online.Though, the database is more reliable, particularly to persons searching the EINs’ of publicly traded organizations.
Use Commercial Look up services
If you are looking for EIN for a local business, then the chances are that you may not be successful when using free services. There are several commercial EIN lookup services that can give you more reliability in terms of results. For instance, Dun and Badstreet houses more than 15 million EINs’ in their database.
Use on demand services
You can also use on demand EIN lookup services, where you are charged based on the number of searches you perform.For instance, a database provider such as KnowX charges you on a pay as you go basis instead of monthly subscriptions. This is particularly useful for a person looking to conduct a few searches at a time.
In the end, you can use a free lookup service to find EIN, or opt for a commercial alternative if the free service doesn’t produce results for your queries.Though, the most important thing is to find a reliable EIN lookup service that gives you the results that you want.