“Future Endeavors”… What does it mean?

"Future Endeavors"... What does it mean

“Good luck in your future endeavours” is a polite phrase used to express the best of luck towards someone who has been fired or released from a company.
There are several options:
1. A euphemistic corporate term used in farewell emails, most notably to indicate to the entire company someone’s ass got fired.
It implies that the person needs luck, is not welcome and is bound to fail multiple times.
2. What you do as a career after you get fired from a job. It says that although the person writing the letter cannot accept you at the time, they are being polite and wishing you luck.
3. This phrase can also become an Idiom to the point might be used in the daily life out of the computer.
4. An endeavor or endeavour means a journey.
5. “Future endeavors” maybe efforts that will be followed in the future.