Walmart customer service review

Walmart is the second largest online retailer in the United States after Amazon. The retailer has been making lots of progress after adapting the big-box approach, which also helped it to stand at its current position in the US. The company has raised the salaries of its workers and it is investing highly in technology.Within the US, Walmart has improved customer service and as a result highly raised its sales and profits.
The retailer is hoping to make more profits particularly due to the major reset in food business, which has been accounting for around half of its sales every year. They are now offering curbside order pickup and what’s more, they are focusing on fresh and organic foods.
The retailer also proved that it could grow by collaborating with tech giants. However, many challenges have been limiting its growth. Its e-commerce growth is behind that of other similar companies. The other problem relates to customer services.
The retailers customer services
Walmart has been trying to understand and address the ever-evolving customer needs as a way of gaining more confidence, which is necessary in sales increase. Within the last few years, the company has invested in ecommerce activities similar to those of Amazon. The company is also paying its sales workers more and training them to heighten its store performance.
Known to be the largest private employer in the United States, employing over 2.2 million people, the company has pledged to invest 2.7 billion in raising the wages and offering extra training in the year 2017. Under the initiative, the company has raised the minimum wage from $9 per hour in April 2015 to $10 in March 2016.
walmart customer service hours
For the past eight quarters, the company is witnessing positive comps after delivering negative comps since the year 2013. For the last seven consecutive quarters, traffic has highly increased owning to their efforts of modernizing the stores. The traffic has also increased because of moderate improvement in customer spending. Lower gas prices have enabled customers to spend more on other goods, a situation that has lead to traffic growth in most stores.
Even though the company has been posting improving results, it is facing many challenges. Currently, it is facing challenges from dollar stores, the traditional grocery stores, and online businesses. What’s more, its traditional activities are under more pressure due to stronger dollar eating into its sales. It is also expecting more e-commerce expenses in the near future.
Why customer service is important for Walmart success
Through customer services, Walmart is able to understand dynamics of corporate world and keep up with the changing business trends. What’s more, they are able to reduce risk of losses and failures while ensuring that their customers are happy. That at the end will lead to higher profits. They will also be able to maintain a stronger client base after they have won their trust. Possibly, they will also be able to utilize any viable opportunity.
Wamart’s methods of customer service
Walmart offers several methods of communication that customers can use to contact them during the working hours. The methods include:
In store services
Walmart stores are usually open from 8am-10pm and you can access customer services during the hours. The customer service desks are typically at the front near optical departments.
By phone
Provided it is between 7am-6pm, you can call 1-800-WALMART to contact the company’s customer representatives. However, you should expect a phone tree before reaching a human on their end. Averagely, the hold time is 3 minutes during workdays and 10 minutes on the peak hours.
You can contact them online at any time of the day – during the daytime or night. File a support ticket and they will respond within few working business days.
walmart customer service
The corporate
Rarely, people at the corporate level handle customer service problems. They will direct you back to the customers’ primary line.
Walmart customer service hours
Customer service desks in stores are usually open each day from 8am-10pm – when the stores are open. Including when the desks are closed, there are people who will address the customer’s issues. When a customer needs to contact the corporate, they are advised to call 1-800-WALMART.
Effective customer care is the needed key for successful business. In a customer driven market – where competition is always getting stiffer and critical deadlines are dominant, Walmart cannot assume that it has the best customer service. While laying a good customer foundation, it cannot underestimate customer satisfaction importance. Therefore, they are focusing on customer service quality.